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Our Personalities And Behavior Are Some Of The Most Critical Aspects Of Our Lives

Our personalities and behavior are some of the most critical aspects of our lives that must never be ignored because they ultimately have an effect on our development and association with others. A number of employers have used (and continue to use) the DISC assessment tool in order to help them improve employee’s output within their organizations. “DISC” in itself is an acronym which stands for Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Conscientiousness, which are the key pillars of the tool.

Each of the pillars is used to gauge the personalities and behaviors of individuals based on a number of indicators. For example, a person whose responses to the test lean more towards “Influence” can have his results interpreted as not fond of being ignored and one who is also optimistic as well. Moreover, such a person is likely to be a good team player. On the other hand, a person whose outcome lean more towards “Dominance” will almost certainly be more daring to take challenges head on even when everyone else seems scared.

Typically, disc personality test is structured in a questionnaire format, with responses based on multiple choices such as “strongly agree’, “agree” “disagree” “strongly disagree” and so on. The DISC assessment test has gained a lot of popularity due to the fact that it is pretty easy to administer and analyze, with a very high level of accuracy and precision. Additionally, the test can be self-administered, meaning that an employee can easily have the test sent to his/her email and take the test at the comfort of his/her home when not under any duress that can be characteristic of a workplace environment. Perhaps the most encouraging aspect of the test is that it is totally non-judgmental and whoever administers it has the option of keeping the results to himself and not show them to employees and other subjects of the test administration.

Away from the workplace, the test is also a very useful tool that any other person can use to get to know more about their personality and behavior and how they are likely to affect the way they relate to other people as well as the individual’s output. Most of these tests are freely available online and can therefore be accessed at any time. However, for more comprehensive and detailed DISC tests with the best analyses of results, most firms often hire the services of other expert firms who offer such tests at a small fee. Such firms are generally better placed to administer such tests especially when an organization wants a thorough analysis on hundreds of employees.